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Household Support for Oil Customers

Humber and Wolds Rural Action have details of this funding on their website, please click on the link below:


Avian influenza outbreak near Bempton

Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) have identified a confirmed case of Avian Influenza at a farm near Bempton.   

There is a well-established national contingency plan for dealing with animal disease, which generally involves culling the affected livestock and introducing some animal movement restrictions close by the farm. Two zones have been set up - a protection zone (3k from the infected premise) and surveillance zone - (10k from the affected premise).  You may see that Animal Disease Control Zone signs have been placed on the main roads at the 10k boundary.  Burton Agnes parish falls within either the 3k or 10k restriction zones, this link shows the zones . 

For further information and guidance, please follow the links below:



If you are interested in joining Burton Agnes Parish Council, which includes Gransmoor and Thornholme, please contact the Clerk at




This page will be updated with further information as and when it becomes available, as will the Government and NHS websites, so please check regularly.  Links to their sites can be found further down this page.

Below are some key points to consider during this difficult time, and also contact numbers for some local shops.



  • Follow the guidance given by the Government, and check regularly for new information to ensure you are following current advice to keep yourself and others safe.
  • Keep a watch out for family, friends and neighbours, especially those who may be classed as vulnerable (over 70 and those with underlying health conditions), as well as the community as a whole.
  • If you’re able to offer any help, please do so safely, observing the social-distancing advice.
  • There are many residents in isolation who are not online, please support them if you’re able. A telephone call or text message to check in on them, or a note through their door with your own contact details could help them feel less isolated.
  • Stay at home if possible, this will minimise the spread and allow key workers and essential services to continue to operate.
  • As schools have now closed, some parents may be struggling to find child care if they are still having to work away from home. Please do not consider the older groups and vulnerable that should be isolating as child care options.





There are some people who may be taking this situation as an opportunity to take advantage of us. Be on your guard and aware. Do not give any personal details to anyone if you are not happy to do so – it could be a scam.


Government advice and links to information


NHS website -


Helping Driffield Covid-19, you click to join then can request help or offer to help.


Thornholme shop phone number -01262 490 389

Kilham shop run from Boyes garage - 01262 420 627

Rudston shop - Diane Morgan in Rudston


Burton Agnes Parish Council

(Burton Agnes, Gransmoor, Thornholme)

Welcome to our website.

The Parish of Burton Agnes in the East Riding of Yorkshire, is situated on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds between Driffield and Bridlington, and comprises the three villages of Burton Agnes, Gransmoor and Thornholme. It is home to some 500 parishioners, a number of small businesses and farms, the historic 13th century church of St Martin, a Norman Manor House and a nationally renowned stately home, Burton Agnes Hall. It is bounded to the North by Woldgate, immortalised by David Hockney, which follows the course of a Roman road and an earlier prehistoric ridgeway. The South Eastern boundary lies between Gransmoor and the A165.  The Parish is bisected by the busy A614. We hope you find this site useful. If you would like us to publicise events you are planning in the Parish please let us know.






The next meeting of Burton Agnes Parish Council will be held on Monday 6 February 2023 at 7:00pm at the Sports Club.  The agenda can be viewed here nearer the time.

Upcoming Road Closure in Burton Agnes.  Please click on the links for further information.

Notice of Road Closure

Map of Road Closure - Phase 1 - 31/01/2022

Map of Road Closure - Phase 2 - On completion of Phase 1

Beverley and North Holderness International Drainage Board

Drainage Rates

To see the latest document click here.


Salt bins

The salt in the bins is provided by East Riding Council for residents to use on council maintained roads and paths.  Salt bins are routinely re-filled twice during the winter period and during adverse weather as often as is practicable.  If you notice that a salt bin is empty please report it by calling East Riding Council on 01482 395739.

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