Burton Agnes Parish Council


The Parish Council is consulted by the East Riding of Yorkshire Planning Officers on planning applications made in the Parish.  We do not have decision making powers, but the views we express are taken into account.  Depending on the nature of the application, planning decisions are either taken by Planning Officers or are referred to a Planning Committee composed of elected Councillors.

Members of the public are able to express their views on planning applications (any planning application anywhere in the East Riding of Yorkshire, not only in this Parish) via the East Riding planning portal.  This can be accessed through the link below.


Planning notifications received for the Parish

The following applications have been notified to the Parish Council:

Burton Agnes Estates - Anaerobic digester

Please see separate button for this application.‚Äč

Centre Farm, Main Street, Thornholme 

Application number 17/02802/PLF can be accessed HERE - erection of an agricultural building for housing cattle

Clifford Watts Sand and Gravel, Gransmoor Lane, Kelk

Application number 17/02860/CM can be accessed HERE - Variation of Condition 22 to amend operation hours commencement from 07.30hrs to 07.00hrs

W Clifford Watts, Kelk Lane, Gransmoor 

Application number 17/03380/CM can be accessed HERE - Erection of a building for storage of machinery

Holmlea, Main Street, Burton Agnes  

Application number 17/03584/PLF can be accessed HERE - Erection of orangery to front